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About the OpenRealEstate.ca Real Estate Search Engine

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For Visitors

What we do and don't do:

OpenRealEstate.ca provides home seekers with an easy and intuitive property searching experience - all across Canada. The aim of this free service is to equip consumers with tools that rapidly pin-point properties of their interest and link them to more information as necessary. We do not provide contact information on property listings indexed from other websites. Instead, we provide a direct link to the original website listing with full details and the latest information on that property.

- We do not require users to register, sign-up, or provide personal information in order to use this service.
- We provide users with targetted advertising on our website that is useful, yet non-intrusive.


For Webmasters

What We Index:

OpenRealEstate.ca is designed to drive visitors to real estate listing information fast. Our search engine indexes property listings via websites all across Canada.

- We index small amounts of property information such as price, location, no. bedrooms, no. bathrooms, and other basic information.
- We do not index or display the owner's contact information.
- Visitors seeking full property information (ie. contact details and more) are required to visit the website where the original listing is located with the latest information.

Adding your website:

If you run a property listings website in Canada, you can receive highly targetted traffic by getting your website indexed in our search engine. Information indexed will include property price, location, no. beds, no. baths, property type, mini-thumbnail photo (if available), and a fragment description of the property. Contact information such as name, phone numbers, or email addresses will not be indexed. Instead, visitors are required to visit your website for full details and the latest information available.

- Currently, there is no cost for indexing your website. However, we do not guarantee acceptance of all websites.

Click Here to add your website.

Website Removal:

If you no longer wish to have OpenRealEstate.ca send its visitors to your property listings or to be included in our index, please follow the instructions on this page.

Contact Us

We welcome your feedback on our site and use it to enhance your experience with us. Please be aware, however, that while we read all feedback and requests, we cannot respond to all inquiries.

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